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The place: a motel near Miami Airport. Flight attendant Deauxma is on a layover. She just got off the vapid and is wearing a brief skirt, heels and pantyhose. She’s flipping her bag to her room when Lucas crosses her path.

“I’m going to be next door if you need anything. Just let me know,” he says.

Need anything? What could Deauxma possibly need from Lucas?

“Give me 5 minutes,” she says.

Five minutes? For what? Well, she is Flight Attendant Deauxma, aka Huge-titted MILF Porn Star Who Takes It Up The Bootie. So, rather than unpacking, Deauxma looks out the window at her neighbor and fondles her slit. Then she hears a knock on her door.

“Hi, I’m Lucas.”

“I’m Deauxma. Weren’t you on my flight?”

He was. And now he’s going to be in her fuckbox and butt-hole.

A few basic facts about Deauxma. Her name is pronounced Do-may. She was born in Germany and now lives in Texas with her hubby. Her measurements are 34F-25-35.

Beloved place to get fucked: In her culo. Like you had to guess, right?

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